Our products are made for the barn! Durable, cleanable and no need for glass.

No two stories are the same...

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"No two stories are the same. They may seem at first glance, buy..once you take a closer look, give the story some of your time, you realize it's unique qualities." - S.A Tawks

Photograph by Kim Beer Photography.

18x24 or 24x36 Rigid Print

It’s For The Barn prints are made on a closed-cell PVC substrate. This substrate is very hearty and can stand up to display in your barn, on the patio, and other outdoors areas.*

• Heat & Cold Temperature Tolerant
• Water/Weather Resistant
• Frameable without Glass
• Smooth Anti-glare Finish Perfect for Art
• Vibrant Colors
• Scratch, Scrape and Dent Resistant
• Rigid for Easy Mounting
• Lightweight
• Shatterproof

*When it comes to outdoor use, although the substrate will be fine, the ink used to make your print may fade over a long time if exposed directly to UV rays on a daily basis. The PVC substrate we use for your print is considered among the best for long-term display and outdoor signage where there will be heavy exposure to the elements.