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Rolling with the Clouds

Rolling with the Clouds

Wide angle — I love wide angle.

Since over 90 percent of my work involves commercial horse images, I don't use wide angle a lot. Horses do not traditionally look good with wide angle lenses. Their long lines are exaggerated by the wideness and can make them look ungainly. Horse photography is an art that not everyone can grasp — which is why I have a good job in a world where photographers are aplenty.

But — when you put a horse against a Wyoming sky, ungainly falls away into beauty.

Every summer we have a photo retreat for women horse photographers in Wyoming. It's put on by myself and Carien Schippers of The Equine Photographer's Network (http://equinephotographers.org). And it is my chance to play with things I don't always get to play with in my "work" photography. That means wide angles!

Although I would like to invest in a wide angle lens, the one I want is a little more money that I can justify right now. So, I rent it from Borrow Lenses (http://borrowlenses.com) and have a blast for 10 days.

This image is a result of that fun — and I love those high drama skies which wide angle brings even more to life.

Post process, I added depth through the highlight and shadow sliders, saturation and lumosity plus just a little clarity to give it that rough western look.

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